Anesthesia Safety

We strive to provide the highest quality medicine to our patients at Englewood Veterinary Center (EVC).

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When the topic is veterinary anesthesia, the number one concern for everyone is safety. Safe and effective anesthesia provides an opportunity for better surgery, and faster and more comfortable recovery.

SevoFLo is an inhalant anesthetic used for 95% of all human pediatric procedures in the US.

Sevoflo’s advantage is rapid and smooth induction and recovery with no “anesthesia hangover”.

Sevoflurane enters and exits the body very rapidly. This gives your veterinarian good control during the surgical or dental procedure assuring a high degree of safety for your pet. Thanks to this speed, SevoFlo allows your pet to return to a normal awake-state and home with you sooner.

The presence of dedicated personnel and utilization of sophisticated monitoring plays another big role during anesthesia. Our state-of-the-art monitoring device has following functionalities:

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. An electrocardiogram (EKG) to monitor the heart rhythm for abnormalities.

. A pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen levels of the blood.

. A machine to monitor the blood pressure.

. A machine to monitor the respiratory rate.

Second common concern many pet owners have is the cost of anesthesia:

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Why is it so expensive?

Why does Dr. X charge $450 for a dental while Dr. Y down the street only charges $250?

As you can see, modern anesthesia involves a lot of equipment and expertise, and this unfortunately costs money. Cutting corners by using out-of-date inhalant anesthetics, not providing IV fluids, not intubating patients, not keeping patients warm, or skimping on pain medications and monitoring can save money, but the price is decreased comfort and safety for your pet.