Stem Cell Therapy

When our beloved furry friends have osteoarthritis (OA), we veterinarians often recommend weight loss, specific exercises and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). These traditional methods do not always work as we expect and chronic use of NSAIDs may even have side effects on body's major organs.

There are more than 8,000 pets in the states who enjoy life again after using their own bodies' natural healing abilities thanks to cutting-edge stem cell therapy. They now have less pain, less discomfort; as they are able to run, play, and return to what they loved to do before.

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Stem cells are the body’s repair cells. They have the ability to differentiate into many different types of cells based on where they are needed in the body. With this capability, we can use them as a treatment for joint injuries, arthritis, ligament and tendon damage, and fractured bones.

The process surgically harvests adult stem cells from the pet's own fat tissue. Then these cell can be injected to provide a large concentration of the cells to the area of injury. Because the injected cells are derived from the animal’s own tissue and are minimally manipulated there is almost no risk of rejection or reaction.

Stem Cell Therapy For Dogs in NJ

Research and clinical trials currently support the use of stem cells for:

. Osteoarthritis

. Orthopedic soft tissue injuries

. Polyarthritis

. Fractures

Ongoing research is targeting other areas of the body for treatment and the preliminary results are very encouraging. These conditions are:

• Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

• Kidney disease - cats

• Liver disease

• Immune mediated diseases

• Heart diseases