We vaccinate your pets with the best technology available.

Unparalled protection and unsurpassed safety with exclusive recombinant technology.

The name of Recombitek® is derived from Recombinant Technology. Recombinant Technology in vaccination had been used with far-ranging success for the control of human diabetes, hepatitis and under clinical trial for human AIDS vaccines. It is the most advanced technology with unrivalled safety for human vaccine.

RECOMBITEK® is the world's only vaccine for distemper, with advanced recombinant technology. Contrary to other vaccines in the market, Recombitek does not use live distemper virus, thus removing all possibilities of post-vaccinal encephalitis, reversion to virulence or viral shedding.

Did you know that annual titer test to check a dog's level of immune defenses can help avoiding annual vaccinations? Please ask us how!

For Dogs

Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is currently an incurable and deadly disease. Due to its highly contagious and lethal nature, it is required by law that all domestic animals be vaccinated against this virus. A person can get rabies if he or she is bitten or scratched by an animal that carries the rabies virus.

DAPP Vaccine

Stands for Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2-Parainfluenza, Parvovirus. Among puppies, the death rate from Distemper often reaches 80 percent. Distemper in its early stages begins as an upper respiratory infection then it progresses into pneumonia and neurological involvement. Parvovirus attacks canine digestive systems with great fury, often killing puppies in 48 hours. Initial signs of illness are lethargy, loss of appetite, and vomiting, followed by profuse, often bloody diarrhea.

Influenza Vaccine

Canine influenza virus, H3N8, is highly contagious among dogs and affects them much like human flu affects people. Fever, coughing, runny noses, lethargy and loss of appetite are among the symptoms that can afflict dogs with canine influenza. Unlike the seasonal “flu” that afflicts people, outbreaks of canine influenza can occur at any time of year. People cannot contract H3N8 but they can inadvertently spread it to healthy dogs if they come in contact with an infected dog. Sick dogs don’t exhibit symptoms immediately after contracting canine influenza, so a dog might have the flu before anyone suspects.

Bordetella Vaccine

Also known as Kennel Cough is a respiratory infection that can be found in any high pet-traffic areas such as grooming and boarding kennels and dog parks. The Bordetella Vaccine may only protect dogs for six-to-eight months, so we recommend twice-yearly vaccination.

Leptospirosis Vaccine

Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease associated with wild and domestic animals and it is spread mainly by the urine of infected animals such as skunks, raccoons and rats. Because of their outdoor activities, and frequent contact with water or soil contaminated with the organism, dog infections are common. Infected dogs pose a risk of transmission to their owners through contact with their urine. The disease can damage the kidney and liver and prove fatal if untreated. Leptospirosis vaccine may only protect dogs againts four types of leptospira.

Lyme Vaccine

The lyme disease is a tick-borne illness, often spread by contact with an affected deer tick. It produces symptoms characterized by arthritis; although it can also involve the heart, the nervous system and the kidneys.

For Cats

Rabies vaccine

Statistics show that cats are infected with the rabies virus more than any other domesticated animal. Rabies is required by law for any house hold pet. It is important to ensure that if your cat bites or scratches anyone, you have proper documentation. Lack of such documents may result in the state confiscating your pet. We are pleased to inform you that we now carry a new safer rabies vaccine specifically made for cats. This new vaccine has been proven to significantly reduce the threat of vaccine related sarcoma in cats.

FVRCP vaccine

Feline distemper is a life-threatening disease and the virus is present in virtually every place that is not regularly disinfected. The infection is highly contagious among unvaccinated cats, usually kittens and young adult cats. Animal shelter groups, pet stores, and rescue facilities are high risk for outbreaks.

FeLV Vaccine

Cats get tested for FeLV and then vaccinated if they are negative. Vaccination is recommended for high risk cats only.

FIV Vaccine

Please discuss this vaccine with the veterinarian